Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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The notes of a song represent stable digital certainties that pursue an infinitely acute analogue frequency. The leftover mathematical change or the clarification of the difference between digital expression and analogue impression form a cascading rhythm. This is present in chemical stabilities as well. Atoms continue to cascade in a magnetic circle until changed by the environment or until they degrade into another form after googles of cycles.

The only way to affect these atoms cycling until alchemy was other chemical or atomic building blocks. Since the advent of alchemy we have been able to use engineered waves to disrupt and restack the organization of atomic stabilities.

Neurons collect sensory data as hz frequency organized as chemical notes in a chain within the neuron. This specific data is passed through a relative quantum field which is also measured. The two sets of data, environment and data, found as neurochemical organizations and recorded hz frequency sets, form the basis of our memory and sensory mechanisms.

When a neurological circuit is completed by neurons exchanging data in a loop in the brain a circuit is formed with measurable amperage and voltage. This circuit produces a tiny electromagetic field that propagates into the world. Sensitive and complex arrays such as a corresponding neural network should be able to attract these electrical signals and interpret them.

Two neurological nets intentionally operating on or searching for the same interactive signal system may have greater electrical interconductivity. These interactive electrical field circuits are Tesla circuits that can transmit intelligent data.

Digital/Analogue Differentiation System

NASA has discovered that some electromagnetic fields are alive and fulfill the relative functions of biological life. These are Tesla field circuits, amperage moving according to ordered field interactivities without wires upon which to gudie their crossing. They are guided by the undulation and ideology of electromagnetic field numerical interpretations, based on the field's adherence to the digital/analogue differentiation. A field that runs closer to the analogue with its digital function will pick up more charge from the prevailing field amperage of the system and experience seniority over the less articulate digital field.

NASA's living electromagnetic fields may play a critical role as operators between or with these neural networks. Electromagnetic life forms would be elusive to detect. they could easily leave or avoid any laboratory that was designed to study them, and are undetectable by normal human senses. Electrosensitive individuals, of which a British study* claims comprises 3% of the population, could detect electrical irregularities indicating the presence of an active living electromagnetic field.

This is a picture of the digital pursuit of an analogue wave. The analogue is the electrical hz frequency of what is actually 'desired', as the resting state accounting for the entire universe. Examine time T3 at digital shell C. This manner of scaling occurs into infinity. The digital is as close resolution as is available due to the principle of entrainment, which gives us definition in an infinite environment. Digital can never be precisely representative of the analogue, which is infinitely precise. Since the universe is infinite and infinitely associatable, this analogue is never at rest and is infinitely articulate, depending on the localized electrical field lens that it is located in.

Similarly, the quantum shelves of an electron orbiting an atom experience this condition. When the filament of a lightbulb is excited, electrons elevate one shell level and then collapse back, emitting a photon which condenses as a stability from the pattern of the electron collapsing during its field orbit, illuminating the field.

This may be a pattern in which living electromagnetic fields propagate, or in which quantum events are created. Electrons and quantum fields will gather and condensate when numerous magnetically and hz-measurable energetic activities occur, everything from turning on a light to hailing a taxicab. These activities produce electrical 'spare change' that affects the orbit of electrons, either giving or taking power from them. This changes the radius of their orbit astronomically slightly, affecting their shell level and the internal resistance in their atomic stabilities.

Lithium Electron Spare Change

Electrons, magnetized to return to their perferred shell level stabilities but holding extra charge collected by the inducting field coil that is their very orbit, and appearing in their trillions in a macroscopic scenario, will all simultaneously discharge along electromagnetically orchestrated vibrational fissures to attract by vibrational entrainment the occurrence of macroscopic events, such as the taxicab arriving. Events are actually magnetically pulled together. This is the pull of fate.

An Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic fields perform the same kinds of functions. Two electromagnetic fields will bleed into and over one another as fate. A magnetic field is formed from the ideological combination of two points, + and -, a [1 and a 0].

This process can be overcome by strong differentiation in amperage of the two fields. A large inarticulate field will often eclipse a small but more articulate field.

BBC has produced a study showing that microorganisms in space, apart from the earth's electrical field, begin to mutate rapidly. Earth's electrical field is a circuit with no resistance points, a field, that is continually completing, as is every atom. Outside the presence of this field bacteria seek to build a new field stability system similar to Earth's, or to rejoin it. This stimulates intelligent mutation organized by these principles of circuitry.

The biological systems of earth's living electrical field system, that field being joined for a purpose, compete to articulate this purpose more closely. Those that are successful and well articulate will acquire more energy from the system.

An intelligent field that is large or cohesive enough to its Z, its will, its' relative location and importance in the infinity of the universe, will be able to focus its energies enough to triangulate effective Tesla tubes through an opposing field and demonstrate greater articulation to that field's originating components than the original holding field. In this way electromagnetic fields can steal the energy or electrical circuitry self-inputs of another field relative to its grounding stabilized components.

Field energy density has to do with its hz frequency.

As in the digital/analogue wave articulation, the analogue being "Z", closeness to the Z is critical to field integrity. A higher frequency field will be very close to its Z, as t will produce numerous digital corrections to the analogue per second.

Hz Frequency and Sealed Lambda

Humans, having neurologically articulating special hz electricity circuit making machines, or the CNS, can make and intentionally emit energy that will command itself as a sealed lambda to build field energy organizations which will attract ambient or organized electrical energy to its lambda stems to adhere to its "Z" until a stronger field defeats it. NASA's electromagnetic living beings also can produce this kind of energy.

Each neuron is a recording system of sensory data of environmental hz and component data of sensory effects. Passing energy through a combination of neurons with various components or hz-frequencies ordered in association with data or effects through the pathway during the circuit electrocution will produce different kinds of articulated active magnetically propagating electrical fields.

5. String theory and atomic stability

Energy begins as pure wonder. From this background, associations are formulated and items sporadically come into being for femtoseconds of time, or only for one cycle of
hz frequency, without propagating, or only propagating for a few cycles, comprising a portion of a second.

When an energy component's digital and analogue form a feedback loop that sustains itself, a stable atom forms there. All the atomic formations are the crossroads of wonder, which is continually bombarding everything everywhere like waves hitting nothing on an empty sea.

Atoms are knots or ships or islands in these wonder-lines of superstring. The wonder is only sustainable and relative to itself and will not hold its charge formation for measurable time. The pattern of the wonder must be propagated through stabilities or it will be a fleeting thought never realized. A storm at sea that rains and lightnings on the water does ~nothing.

When wonder finds a suitable propagating pattern of internal electrical self-trade that does not collapse nor explode their self-relativity, the wonder becomes stable. That wonder will arc itself through 0-net change stabilities/sustainable systems to form new condensations at the largest macroscale 'reality' or representation it wondered until it either dissipates or becomes 0-net change. This is how the universe becomes an organizing stalagmite of energy condensation in both time and space. We're continually moving forward in time by means of new energy condensation like a coral reef. We merely have no way to dig back down into the past and no means of escaping or replacing or skipping or transplanting sections of it to form a new future.

6. Alchemy

The transmission of lead into gold is a potential alchemical reaction that is as possible as changing plastic into oil, or water into HHO.

Gold #79 and lead #80 have unique atomic hz resonations measured from a distance as very, very low amperage wave functions emitted from the local atomic stability of the atom, which is an evenly formed stable electrical field with numerous magnetic chunks stably orbiting in rotation so that no foreign particles can immediately leave or enter without negotiating the existing resonations and cyclical maths regional to portions of the atom. This is a low pressure zone which continually attracts and accepts itself. If a wave of sufficient amperage or articulation could affect this atom by coming between its digital/analogue [Y/Z] and hijacking the Z that the atom follows the internal resonation of the atom could be shifted to change its magnetic functions and eject or acquire or magnetize new superstring components.

Arguably, the entire atom's magnetism could be crushed if it were not evenly distributed within the atom, like an unbalanced engine, causing the simple destruction of the atomic formation, but this would be immediately less useful than the atom in most scenarios. Perhaps the magnetism could be destabilized on an oscillating 2-part wave to emit stably forming electrons on the upstroke of the 2-part wave and pick up ambient radiation heat or superstring dust/wonder on the downstroke of the 2-part wave.

Heat appears to be the radical radiation of tiny particles released from an atom. Basically, vibrating dust, which could potentially be assembled back into atoms by a machine with sufficient precision to gather the ambient particles and assemble them into suitable stabilities.

Gold could potentially be afflicted with an entraining resonation wave, sufficient to harass it into the lead's natural vibrational frequency that occurs as a result of the lead's normal stabilities, causing the gold's internal vibration to distort to the lead's signature vibration. This distortion would change the gold particle's magnetic properties organized by its internal portions. This magnetism could theoretically either magnetically attract electrons and protons from other regional atoms, or cause such particles to form from ambient heat/dust particles nearby,causing the gold to be alchemically changed into lead.

In this condition, the gold particle itself could be turned into a device used to take ambient heat and turn it into electrons.

A oscillating wave frequency could be used on a particle of gold to turn it into lead, ideally not lead by proton formation, but an ionized gold particle at -1, which has a unique vibration distinct from a true lead particle with the additional proton. This shift would attract particles from the ambient to form the additional electron.

The second phase of the oscillating wave would be to strip the gold -particle of the extra electron, which would then be attracted down a gold or copper wire to a production machine. In this way, an efficient oscillating wave could harass gold particles to produce electricity from 'nothing'.

A black hole occurs when two particles begin a feedback loop of waves that dissonate all distance between the two particles. The two particles collapse into one another, but no force causes them to fuse into one particle. The space between them becomes infinitely smaller and they begin orbiting around one another faster and faster as they draw infinitesmally closer. Since they cannot become meaningfully closer than a certain degree they spin faster around one another instead, in response to continually reducing energy density and pressure between the two particles and a sustained external pressure. A black hole is an atomic wing or turbine flying in a circle. This spinning of superconductive atoms produces increasing gravity.

This may form a chain reaction of particles adding themselves to this original seed reaction.

8. 2-part waves have two independent troughs and 2 peaks at differing heights. They must have a tubular or chaos-declining system of entraining geometry to become a stability. Such a wave/cord would be thick and functionally have two cores. This is likely a system or organization between mathematical dimensions and a function of "Y" or choice, or the digital to create and decide which dimensions to enter with the Z.

9. This is the School of Esoteric Magnetic Phenomenon's major course of study.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Astronomical Field Entanglement

It is very probable that helixed electromagnetic fields magnetize produce and trade combinations of charged electromagnetic fields with one another and seek stable and repeated kinds of em field organizations and charge parameters to restore or enhance their charge.

This function system probably involves humanity and magnetic chains interlocking in our mental and social systems in ways that we do not well understand.
I have worked extensively on electromagnetics, from my studies in subatomics to astronomical field condensations and dynamics to area magnetics and magnetic field origin, differentiated field vibration and dimensional differentiation, quantum uncertainties and ringing of electrons and their affect on local amperage and vibration, and molecular alchemy on up to the macroscale.

You can see hundreds of my posts on these topics at Billy Bunkie the Science Junkie and its associated blogs. I have also placed a compact version of my modern notes at the top of SOEMP.

More recently I have been working on the spontaneous formation of helixes and double hexlices in large astronomical fields and the function of energy field condensations within their cycles. The Max Planck institute, a Russian Academy of Sciences, and the University of Sydney presented these findings in 2007.


The same way electromagnetic particles can be condensed such as the Bose-Einstein or quantum entanglement, so can fields. Since fields are naturally unobserved and can be found at the macroscopic level it may be far easier to produce their entanglements. Electron ringing and quantum uncertainty may be better understood when produced as field vibrations or goemetries of vibrations, which are easily modifiable through alchemical techniques, even without substantial equipment. The produced effect of these changes are by field as well, rather than directly observable, until restored back to active particles. A seeded field turned into a particle from a crossover or a a 0=1 manipulation of production could turn those fields into solid fruits, and form intelligent physical "computerized" programs to adjust properties of physics. I am reminded of the phase change.

This intelligent helix dusting occurs in plasma, which means it has a latency or tendency to form along co-originated lines in other phases, as the plasma is a medium of the originating organization of mathematical inequalities that form electricity and vibration. This discovery may be similar to the key-gen system or admin password for all physics.

William Bunker, 5 February 2007